AlphaBio Control is committed to the development of plant protection solutions from natural and sustainable sources.

We are adherent to Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance – and firmly believe that this will assist in the development of a truly sustainable agricultural model that improves food quality and increases productivity yet reduces its impact.

By minimising impact on the environment, natural beneficial insects and pollinators are able to establish and thrive; these are the growers natural allies – and this can only be a positive step for the food production industry.


Test carried out in multiple geographies in both lab and field conditions, confirm that FLiPPER® has a negligible impact on bumblebees and honeybees as well as populations of beneficial insects. It is safe for users, selective for crops, pollinators and beneficial arthropods.

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R&D for Our Future

AlphaBio Control actively seeks organic and biodynamic production certification for all of our products.

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The British Beekeepers Association estimates that one third of all food is pollination dependent.