AlphaBio Control believes in the importance of protecting and enhancing the natural environment.

We operate at the forefront of agricultural science in developing and commercialising effective, sustainable crop protection solutions and provide growers with the agricultural products they need to meet the challenging requirements of today’s rapidly evolving food production environment.

AlphaBio Control is fully immersed in the discovery, research and development of effective organic crop protection products based on safe natural chemistry and micro biology, biopesticides which leave no residue in the environment and have a negligible impact on non-target organisms.

Our corporate philosophy is focused on the development of effective, innovative, and sustainable solutions in agriculture.

About Us

FLiPPER® has an enviable environmental impact profile; it rapidly degrades on contact with the soil to nothing more than carbon, hydrogen and oxygen.

It is exempt from residue testing requirements and crops protected by FLiPPER® can be harvested immediately the crop is dry.

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The holy grail of insecticides is to be bee and environmentally friendly. AlphaBio may have discovered it.

– Green Apple Judges, awarding AlphaBio Control the Silver Award for Environmental Best Practice