Just over ten years ago, AlphaBio Control was just two people with a big vision. We could see the damage being done to the planet by intensive food production and knew there were realistic and effective soft chemistry alternatives that could be taken into the mainstream of commercial food production: effective, low-impact crop protection technologies that would enable growers to produce top quality food sustainably while protecting the natural environment.

Iain Fleming and Alfeo Vecchi were introduced by a mutual acquaintance in an airport café late in 2010 where the two of them spent several hours talking through their ideas. AlphaBio Control was formed in March 2011 with the aim of first commercialising the two of Alfeo’s technologies that were closest to the market. While Iain busied himself doing this, Alfeo would continue with his development work, building a pipeline of next generation technologies for commercial agriculture.

We weren’t so arrogant to believe we might have all the answers. However Alfeo, today the company’s Research Director, had spent over 40 years developing agricultural technologies for global multinational companies. He knew that the biological technology he had been working on was becoming much more relevant in this changing world. His career had involved him in developing a wide range of agricultural technologies and 20 years previously, his work had turned to focus on biological solutions. He achieved early success in the US and Japan and by the time AlphaBio was created it was clear that the opportunity in Europe for biological solutions was becoming real; the tide was starting to turn.

Iain’s childhood spent in Africa has had a strong influence on his understanding of global food production issues. His working career started in the UK armed forces and culminated in having management responsibility for numerous large-scale agricultural production units in Europe. His time in employment had been overshadowed by a strong desire to form his own company and the introduction to Alfeo was the perfect catalyst to bring together his passions for global biodiversity preservation, food production and creating a new way of working.

We could see that our food system was uncomfortably reliant on technologies that protected crops but also irreparably harmed bees, bugs, people and our planet.

We also knew that plants don’t actually need synthetic chemistry to create strong and healthy yields, but the scale and pressure of modern agriculture has led us to overlook the simple fact that nature can be harnessed to help protect what we grow.

So, we have pulled together a group of like-minded scientists, who have worked in diverse but inter-connected disciplines. With them we have created three technology trees – each with multiple branches that will produce the agricultural technologies for tomorrow’s crop cultivation, meeting today’s demands of feeding the growing global population sustainably and in a way that safeguards and restores biodiversity wherever we produce our food.

Our Products

Today the company’s first product – the biological insecticide FLiPPER®, has registered approval for use in a number of European countries. The roll-out continues into an expanding list of countries around the Mediterranean region and into Africa. Expansion into the US, Latin America and the Asia Pacific region will follow in the next two years.

Product Info

Agreements are being formalised for the sales of the second product (the bio herbicide MiSSiTO®) which has successfully passed through the regulatory approvals process and is now ready for the market. Products three, four and five are even more exciting and are about to enter the necessary regulatory evaluations process.

Product info

We celebrated our tenth anniversary on 21st February 2021. Two guys has become a dedicated team of twelve - based in Cambridge, Milan, Reggio Emilia and Valencia – now with a very happy balance of male and female in all disciplines! Beyond our core team, we have a tight network of colleagues working in many different areas of agricultural science helping in the development of the various technologies that form the future of the company. Along the way we have pulled together a network of influential friends who really believe in what we are trying to do – from our investment partners to industry leaders – challenging us to keep pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved.

Meet the team

We’ve been growing since
21st February 2011.

We believe FLiPPER® presents an important development in the on-going challenge of finding solutions for safer agricultural products without further damaging the natural environment.

– Alfeo Vecchi – Research Director, AlphaBio Control

Our global network of partners understands the specific needs of growers in their region.