The significant agri-business industry experience and complementary skills of our senior executives combine to provide the necessary depth and high quality to ensure success.

Iain Fleming – Co-founder and Chief Executive

Iain previously worked in private equity investment focussed on large scale agricultural businesses, in diverse geographies. During this time his awareness of the impact of contemporary production systems on soil and water quality as well as insect life made him realise the pressing importance of developing more sustainable ways of producing high quality crops without a negative impact on the natural environment. Under Iain’s leadership, AlphaBio has maintained the strong principles of building the company and its products from a strong scientific base, supporting every claim and statement with robust data and ensuring the correct regulatory approvals processes are followed diligently.

Dr Alfeo Vecchi – Co-founder and Research Director

Alfeo is an agricultural scientist whose formative training was at the University of Bologna, Italy, with which he retains a strong research and development connection. His career has seen him involved in the development of a broad range of important agricultural technologies in Europe, Africa and the US with a number of multinational organisations including Monsanto, Mycogen and Agrigenetics. For the past 30 years Alfeo’s focus has been on the natural world as the source of future technologies and, working with colleagues at various academic institutes, he has developed a range of technologies derived from the natural world and which are categorised within the three pillars of natural chemistry, microbiology and hybrid technology.

Guido Maffioli - Director Regulatory Affairs and Technical Development

Guido is an Agronomist who has worked in Crop Protection since graduating with a PhD in Ecology of Agriculture. During his career he has worked for Pioneer Hi-Bred Italia, Monsanto Agricoltura Italia and EuroChem Agro, with roles including agronomy and new technology together with product and crop management. He has also assisted marketing teams, providing technical advice in developing and coordinating projects to assist customers, including soil fertility, quality and trace/tracking of products, precision farming, weather forecasting and mycotoxin contamination. He has published scientific papers on agriculture, new technology, and crop protection products risk assessment.

Garth Bretherton – Director Market Development

Garth has been part of the agricultural industry throughout his career, completing a National Diploma in Agricultural Merchanting at Berkshire College of Agriculture and receiving a BSc Hons degree in International Agribusiness Management at Royal Agricultural College. Garth has held global roles in crop protection with organisations including Syngenta, BASF and ProCam Agriculture working with growers and those working in the field of agromony to understand and develop solutions to meet their needs.