Your flower buds are just starting to show – and that means the pests won’t be far behind.

With the demand for out-of-season strawberries rising they are increasingly being grown under protection – and whilst the use of artificial substrates in raised beds to facilitate picking has lead to a reduction in disease levels it has also led to an increase in pest pressure.

Whether you grow early fruiting, mid season or late and everbearers in the glasshouse, poly tunnel or outdoor in the natural season FLiPPER®  is proven to effectively control the economically important pests that cause crop damage.

Several species of aphids can occur in strawberries, as well as white fly, mites (both tetranychus and tarsonemids), caterpillars, blossom weevil and vine weevil. Adult female red spider mites can be a real problem, becoming active in early spring after overwintering. The mites feed on the underside of the leaves and this causes mottled yellowing. Heavily infested plants grow poorly and become stunted, they appear covered with webbing bearing little or no fruits.

Another serious crop pest of strawberries is the vine weevil. The adult feeds at night on the foliage causing a distinctive marginal notching and although leaf damage is unlikely to be important, it indicates that damage by grubs may occur later. The grubs are a much more serious problem, feeding on the roots by burrowing deep in the base of the crown and causing the plant to die.

Aphids can also cause severe damage especially after mild winters when high populations produce leaf distortion and stunting of plants. The flowers can also be malformed and therefore little fruit develops. Some species of aphids are also carriers of virus diseases causing anything from yellowing of the leaves, reduced leaf size, and leaves crinkled and distorted, to stunting of the plant and yield seriously reduced.

Whenever your growing cycle starts application of FLiPPER® at just six key stages will give you lasting control of pest populations by effectively controlling the eggs, larvae and adults of a broad spectrum of sucking pests, effectively protecting strawberry plants.

The optimum times for application are: [may be replaced with graphic if content approved]

flower buds visible at around day 57 hollow ball stage at day 59 first flower at day 61 Just after full flower at day 66 Between flowers fading with the majority of petals falling at day 67 and maturity of fruit at day 81 And between the maturity of fruit at day 81 and senescence, the beginning of dormancy at day 92

FLiPPER® can be easily applied [details for starwberry application needed][image of person applying?]

Product Info

Safe to use on multiple crops and giving lasting control of pest populations, FLiPPER® is a cost-effective and sustainable crop protection solution that helps you to maximise your strawberry crop.