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November 21: To Bee Friendly

A new bee in the garden. What is it and what does it tell us about agriculture and climate change?

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October 2021: Scared of the word Pesticide? What about Biopesticides? When words get in the way of communication

Pesticide. Crop protection product. Plant medicine. Biopesticide. Biocontrol. Some sound scary, some less so. We consider what the thinking behind them is and how we react.

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August 2021: What does "natural" mean when it comes to producing an abundance of healthy food?

When you read that something has 100% natural ingredients, you cannot help wonder why anyone would put unnatural ingredients in something. We consider what it all means?

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July 2021 Knowing the difference between Friend and Foe on the Farm

How do you know when your marketing is going well? We think this advert says a lot.

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July 2021 The publication of the National Food Strategy

AlphaBio thinks that the new National Food Strategy is a “step in the right direction”

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June '21: Making an Insect more Sensitive to Plant Defences

Dr Graham Moores, a biochemist who worked at Rothamsted Research and is now CEO of ApresLabs Ltd, has been looking at how FLiPPER® controls insects. We asked him what his thoughts were at this stage.

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April '21: FLiPPER® Gets Queen’s Award

AlphaBio Control has today been announced as a winner of the 2021 Queen’s Awards for Enterprise. The award is in the Innovation category and particularly relates to our bio-insecticide – FLiPPER®.

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Jan '21: Bayer Smart ... Farming

Solutions, Applications, and Advice in Agriculture presented in Smart mode.

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Jan '21: 'Sustainability, a goal for Bayer research' – An interview with Frank Terhorst (in Italian)

Innovative synthetic products and biocontrol agents are Bayer’s priorities to respond to the growing demand for sustainability thanks to internal research and important partnerships

Dec '20: Versalis: agreement with AlphaBio Control for the production of bio-based herbicides and biocides

Versalis enters the market for bio-based products in the agriculture sector for the protection of crops.

July '20: The Campo Demo Vite 2020 trials

MiSSiTO takes part in tests aimed at verifying the best strategies for controlling the spontaneous flora.

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July '20: The Vine Fungicide Demo Camp 2020

AlphaBio Control’s ABP590 among the most interesting and new formulations to be tested that will be made available this year.


July '20: Green Resources

FLiPPER® plays its part as Green Resources take off.

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May '20: Glass Horticulture

Dukker Chrysanten has been using FLiPPER® for over a year against aphids and thrips in chrysanthemums. Their experience with this green product are positive, says plant protection manager Sjaak van Duijn.

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