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  • Marta Ruiz

    March 2022:

    Spotlight on…. Marta Ruiz

    This month we caught up with Marta Ruiz.

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  • Globe graphic

    February 2022:

    AlphaBio Control wins Global Green Business Award

    The team at AlphaBio Control are delighted to be awarded a Global Green Business Award for its work researching

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  • January 2022:

    Spotlight on…. Clare Knights

    This month we caught up with Clare Knights.

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  • Bee in flower

    November 2021:

    To Bee Friendly

    A new bee in the garden. What is it and what does it tell us about agriculture…

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  • Text in a book

    October 2021:

    Scared of the word Pesticide? What about Biopesticides?

    When words get in the way of communication

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  • Blackberries

    August 2021:

    What does “natural” mean when it comes to producing an abundance of healthy food?

    When you read that something has 100% natural ingredients, you cannot

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