AlphaBio Control works closely with packers, processors and retailers to better understand their issues and the challenges they face.

We also regularly engage with farmers, growers, and grower associations to discuss integrated agricultural crop management strategies designed to meet retailer and consumer needs.

These collaborations help us develop solutions that meet the real needs of the food production industry.

Working with products of natural origination demands the application of the most stringent quality control systems at all stages of our production processes. Raw materials are procured from sustainable resources with the supply chain management a subject of constant review. The relevant ISO Quality Control and Quality Assurance systems are in place to ensure the most exacting standards are achieved and replicated at each stage of the manufacturing process, ensuring that each batch meets the defined quality standards we demand.

We want to lead and shape the Green Technology agenda for plant protection and production solutions with our value chain partners, and we are proud that FLiPPER® has been EU evaluated as ‘Food Grade Material’, leaving no detectable residues.

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We operate at the forefront of agricultural crop science in developing and commercialising effective, sustainable crop protection solutions, providing growers with the products they need to meet the challenging requirements of today’s rapidly evolving food production environment.

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Strong and lasting relationships are core to the success of any venture and these can only be sustained where a culture of sound integrity is fundamental to the values of all participants.

– Iain Fleming – Co-founder and Chief Executive