Branded as MiSSiTO®, the effect of this burn-down herbicide is very apparent within hours. This is an effective bio herbicide with multiple sector use opportunities.

MiSSiTO® controls a broad spectrum of annual grasses and weeds.

It also controls suckers on fruit trees and vines and can also be used as a pre-harvest desiccant in potatoes.

With an active ingredient and co-formulants that are naturally derived the product has a very low environmental impact profile. It does not translocate, has no residual soil activity and is low in toxicity to non target organisms.

MiSSiTO® product dossiers are currently under evaluation in multiple countries across Europe.


FLiPPER® is the result of two decades’ research. It is a modern, green and innovative bioinsecticide-acaricide formulation based on an active substance entirely obtained from olive oil.

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