AlphaBio Control has established a research and development programme that is structured to create products that are targeted to meet contemporary
grower needs.

Each product must demonstrate efficacy that is comparable to the relevant market standards; it must be cost-competitive, capable of being positioned for use in conventional crop production systems; and must have a benign impact on the natural environment.

AlphaBio Control’s R&D platform technology has led to the development of a pipeline of additional products within a number of different classifications.

These include:
– Nematicide
– Plant growth promoter
– Soil sterilant
– Second generation insecticide
– Bactericide
– Biological seed treatment

These new products are at varying stages in their development. All have been subject to field testing with promising results and are now entering our development pipeline.

Further announcements will be made in due course.

AlphaBio Control believes in the importance of protecting and enhancing the natural environment. Our corporate philosophy is focused on the development of effective, innovative, and sustainable solutions in agriculture.

R&D for our Future

Our global network of partners understands the specific needs of growers in their region.