With a short growth season cucumbers can produce two to three crops over the 9–10 month growing year, making them a high yield, yet labour-intensive crop.

The day-to-day problems of combatting powdery mildew, botrytis and mycosphaerella, as well as root and stem wilts often require an extensive fungicidal programme. And with the high labour costs associated with training, removing shoots, and daily picking during production, cucumbers are a crop that can be economically rewarding but that does require investment.

AlphaBio Control is currently developing a fungicide [internal link to page] to help growers and our bio insecticide solution, FLiPPER® can help you with the pests that proliferate in the high temperatures and perfect conditions of the grow house. It is proven to effectively control the economically important pests that threaten cucumbers; aphids, white fly, mites, thrips, leaf miners and caterpillars.

Aphids not only damage the plant but they also spread viruses, particularly the cucumber mosaic virus, which they transmit plant to plant when feeding giving the tell tale hexagonal viral marks in the leaves. The virus leads to the plant being stunted, and fruit and flower distortion, resulting in little or no crop yield.

White fly is another common crop pest. Feeding adults and nymphs produce honeydew and this can cause sooty mold which reduces photosynthesis. Infestations seriously affect plant height, and also make the plant susceptible to disease, reducing both the quantity and quality of yield.

Thrips not only feed on the leaves of cucumbers but also spread viruses, and as with all the pests that attack cucumbers, their presence is an economical threat to your crop, and also your investment.

Whenever each of your growing cycles starts application of FLiPPER® at just six key stages will give you lasting control of pest populations by effectively controlling the eggs, larvae and adults of a broad spectrum of sucking pests.


The optimum times for application are:
– day 19: as nine of more leaves unfold on the main shoot
– between day 19 and day 65: between leaves unfolding and flowering
– day 65: just after flowering
– day 79: just after seeing nine or more fruit clusters with fruits of typical size
– day 89: when fully ripe
– and again during continuous cropping.

FLiPPER®  can be easily applied using a high volume spray lance system, applying up to 2500 L/HA. The volume higher than with other crops due to the high density and area of foliage. ULV sprayers are also effective against aerial pests.

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Beneficial insects (Lacewing) working with FLiPPER®

FLiPPER® also works with your biological control programme as it is proven to be kind to beneficial insects and pollinators. And because the active ingredient comes from natural sources, it has also been EU evaluated as ‘Food Grade Material’, leaves no detectable residues and has zero crop safety issues.

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Safe to use on multiple crops and giving lasting control of pest populations, FLiPPER® is a cost-effective and sustainable crop protection solution that helps you to maximise your cucumber crop.

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