Protected environments enable us to plant into the cropping house in the winter months, but the heating and ventilation provide just the right conditions for pests to thrive.

Shoppers expect tomatoes throughout the year, and different growing methods allow us to satisfy that consumer demand. Outdoor cropping from bush varieties, based mainly in Spain and Portugal, and Southern Europe supply the processing industry; for canning, tomato paste, ketchup etc. Protected crop tomatoes from Northern Europe supply the fresh market.

As cordon-type F1 hybrids, plants will have have in-built pest and disease resistance characteristics, but the combination of growing media, greenhouse temperatures of 18-25 degrees and internal ventilation provide all the ingredients for pests to become a serious threat to your crop. Botrytis is one issue to keep on top of, and you will no doubt be using an extensive fungicide programme. AlphaBio Control is currently developing a fungicide to help growers with this issue and our bio insecticide solution, FLiPPER®, can help you with pests.

FLiPPER® is proven to effectively control the economically important pests that threaten tomatoes; white fly, caterpillars, mites  and thrips, as well as mealy bug, russet mite and leaf miners.

White fly not only damage the plant by feeding but they also spread viruses, such as yellow leaf curl virus. Feeding adults and nymphs produce honeydew and this can cause sooty mold which reduces photosynthesis. Infestations seriously affect plant height, reducing both the quantity and quality of yield.

Leaf miners puncture the leaf whilst feeding causing destruction, and mites also cause damage whilst feeding. Growth is inhibited, leaves heavily damages and any fruits are cracked. And thrips not only feed on the leaves of tomatoes but also spread viruses, and as with all the crop pests that attack tomatoes, their presence is an economical threat to your crop.

Whenever each of your growing cycles starts application of FLiPPER® at just six key stages will give you lasting control of pest populations by effectively controlling the eggs, larvae and adults of a broad spectrum of sucking pests.


The optimum times for application are:
– day 19: as nine of more leaves unfold on the main shoot
– between day 19 and day 65: between leaves unfolding and flowering
– day 65: just after flowering
– day 79: just after seeing nine or more fruit clusters with fruits of typical size
– day 89: when fully ripe
– and again during continuous cropping.

Beneficial insects for pest control and the use of bumblebees for pollination are the grower’s natural allies whether you are growing in a protected environment or outdoors. FLiPPER® is not only kind to the beneficial insects and pollinators that you rely on but, because the active ingredient comes from natural sources, it has also been EU evaluated as ‘Food Grade Material’, and leaves no detectable residues or crop safety issues.

green technology

Safe to use on multiple crops and giving lasting control of pest populations, FLiPPER® is a cost-effective and sustainable crop protection solution that helps you to maximise your tomato crop.

Our global network of partners understands the specific needs of growers in their region.