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FLiPPER receives Queen’s Award

FLiPPER receives Queen’s Award

AlphaBio Control, the agricultural technology company, has today been announced as a winner of the 2021 Queen’s Awards for Enterprise. The award is in the Innovation category and particularly relates to their bio-insecticide, FLiPPER.

The company believes that FLiPPER has a fundamental role in helping answer one of planet earth’s most pressing questions: how do we feed a growing population in ways that have a lower impact on global biodiversity

FLiPPER is a bio-insecticide that provides effective control of the sucking pests (that would otherwise spread viral diseases and destroy crops) but thanks to the way it works, it is much less harmful to populations of pollinators and the other beneficial insects resident in the fields where we grow our food.

Its active ingredient is extracted from the olive and allows growers to produce crops that are free of chemical residues. The product is now in its second year in the market with regulatory approval for sale in all countries across Europe as well asIsrael & Ethiopia.

The Queen’s Award for Enterprise is the most prestigious awards for UK businesses. It is an internationally recognised symbol of excellence, acknowledging and celebrating business excellence across the UK. Winners have demonstrated outstanding success in their respective fields of innovation, international trade and sustainable development. AlphaBio is an Anglo-Italian company with fourteen core team members in offices across the UK, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands and Belgium.

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Iain Fleming, CEO and co-founder of AlphaBio Control said, in response to hearing of the company’s award, “I still can’t quite believe that we have been recognised in this way. This is all thanks to our incredibly hard-working team, focussed on developing and commercialising what is now a pipeline of products coming from our in-house research and development programmes. We believe there is a better, more sustainable way to feed ourselves, affordably and are determined to play a leading role in this vital change of direction. This award is also a recognition of that approach.”

FLiPPER is the first of a number of low environmental impactsolutions that AlphaBio has developed for conventional and organic farmers and growers alike. A naturally sourced bio-herbicide and biofungicide are also going through the regulatory process.