Developed for both field-scale agricultural and amenity applications, AlphaBio’s naturally derived herbicides and desiccants are fast acting and leave no residual soil activity.

Introducing MiSSiTO®

Using an extract of one plant to control other plants might seem like a strange idea, but in MiSSiTO® this has been achieved. MiSSiTO® is a herbicide that is natural version of pelargonic acid derived from a by-product of bioplastics using sunflower oil. Likely to be marketed under a number of different brand names, it controls a broad spectrum of annual grasses and weeds, as well as protecting fruit trees and vines from suckers and acting as a pre-harvest desiccant for potatoes.

MiSSiTO® is currently available in mainland Europe and will be launching in the UK soon.

Man inspecting vegetables

Why do you need MiSSiTO®?

MiSSiTO® is an effective burn-down herbicide, with visible results in hours. It has active ingredients and co-formulants that are by-products of bioplastics derived from sunflower oil, and has a low environmental impact profile.

MiSSiTO® does not translocate, has no residual soil activity and is low in toxicity to non-target organisms. It is suitable for use in multiple sectors and can replace conventional petroleum-based herbicides – a key mission for AlphaBio.

How does it work?

The active ingredient of MiSSiTO is pelargonic acid, a fatty acid which kills plants by destroying the cell membranes, leading to rapid desiccation of plant tissues, and providing non-residual weed control.

Since it has been developed from food grade naturally-occurring pelargonic acid, MiSSiTO is broken down in the environment to carbon dioxide and water, meaning no bioaccumulation or MRL issues.

MiSSiTO Diagram