Robust and trailblazing science….

With a progressive research and development platform, AlphaBio has a pipeline of forward-looking products with safeguarding our biodiversity a key prerequisite in our thinking.

Every innovation from AlphaBio is driven by a mission to deliver highly efficient biocontrol tools that look after our precious natural environment.

…..Backed by a wealth of regulatory experience

Having great innovations is one thing; achieving regulatory approval for your innovations around the world is another. At AlphaBio, our mission of bringing innovations to the market must involve getting such approvals and we have a strong team dedicated to doing just that.

The AlphaBio Regulatory Team, led by Guido Maffioli guides our products through the regulatory process, working with our partners to ensure they have freedom to market products such as FLiPPER® and MiSSiTO®, as well as our new pipeline fungicide.

This team is based in Italy, Germany and France.

For other members of #TeamAlphaBio, take a look at our team page