Leading the future of sustainable farming

Operating at the forefront of agricultural science to provide farmers and growers with naturally derived products for excellent crop protection, whilst minimising harm to the environment and maintaining a sustainable ecosystem.

Innovative, evidence-based products for a better tomorrow, today

Solving real world issues with advanced and new technologies, while:

  • Reducing the mounting unsustainable pressure on the land
  • Restoring the critical balance between agriculture and nature
  • Meeting the challenging requirements of the rapidly evolving food production market


Our pioneering biological crop protection tools give farmers and growers the confidence they need to grow strong, healthy crops; food production that is more sustainable with a reduced environmental impact.

Underpinned by scientific research and rigorous testing, our products have levels of efficacy comparable to conventional market solutions.

We are committed to revolutionising the market by delivering ready-to-use green alternatives for the modern-day farmer and grower, including:

  • BioInsecticides
  • BioFungicides
  • BioHerbicides and desiccants
  • Biostimulants

Robust and trailblazing science

With a progressive research and development platform, AlphaBio has a pipeline of forward-looking products with safeguarding our biodiversity a key prerequisite in our thinking.

Every innovation from AlphaBio is driven by a mission to deliver highly efficient biocontrol tools that look after our precious natural environment.

Combine harvester

About us

Farming is making massive strides towards restoring the critical balance between agriculture and nature, which will eventually allow the planet and global food supply to thrive. We are not there yet but we are optimistic and determined to play a leading role in this vital change of direction.

“Nature can be harnessed to help protect what we grow.”
Co-founders, Iain Fleming and Alfeo Vecchi

“The holy grail of insecticides is to be bee and environmentally friendly. AlphaBio may have discovered it.”
Green Apple Judges, awarding AlphaBio Control the Silver Award for Environmental Best Practice

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