AlphaBio’s biological insecticides provide growers with effective and sustainable solutions for each stage of the crop production cycle.

Unlike some chemical pesticides, our bioinsecticides control problem and crop-destroying pests when they need to be controlled, without causing harm to the natural surroundings.

Introducing FLiPPER®

FLiPPER® is an effective biological insecticide derived from the natural by-product of extra virgin olive oil. It is ruthlessly effective at targeting pest insects that can cause crop rejection, loss of revenue and costly waste.

With minimal risk to beneficial insects and pollinators, FLiPPER® is also compatible with conventional crop chemistry, making it a valuable addition to an integrated pest management approach.

“The holy grail of insecticides is to be bee and environmentally friendly. AlphaBio may have discovered it.”
Green Apple Judges, awarding AlphaBio Control the Silver Award for Environmental Best Practice

“Products such as FLiPPER, have a permanent place with us in the fight against whitefly. It works well and also goes well together with biology. If you ask me, there should be more products like this available.”
Dutch Farmer, Michael

orange insect

Why you need FLiPPER®

  • Provides lasting control of pest populations when applied as per instructions
  • Fits well with IPM/ICM programmes and biological control programmes
  • Has no cross resistance with other insecticides; controls strains of insects and mites resistant to other active substances
  • Formulation provides high levels of security to users and the environment
  • Has no residual activity and degrades rapidly in the environment

How does it work?

FLiPPER® is a contact-only insecticide and acaricide, which uses a carefully selected and rigorously controlled selection of unsaturated carboxylic acids (C14-C20) to penetrate the external layers of the target pest. This affects the vital metabolic processes and interferes with feeding activity to result in mortality.

FLiPPER® is active against all stages of insect and mite lifecycles, such as eggs, juveniles and adults.