AlphaBio believes in the importance of protecting and enhancing the natural environment. With research and development at its core, the company is committed to designing highly effective crop protection using safe natural chemistry and microbiology.

It operates at the forefront of agricultural science, providing farmers and growers with the safe, affordable products needed to meet the challenging requirements of today’s rapidly evolving food production environment. AlphaBio’s bio-pesticides leave no residues and are harmless to non-target organisms.

Each product embodies the following:

  • Efficacy that is comparable to the relevant market standards.
  • Cost-competitive and capable of being positioned for use in conventional crop production systems as part of an integrated pest management.
  • Minimal impact on the natural environment.

The platform

AlphaBio’s R&D platform has led to the development of a pipeline of additional products, including:

  • Bio-insecticides
  • Bio-fungicides
  • Bio-herbicides
  • Bio-nematicides
  • Plant growth promoters
  • Soil sterilants
  • Bactericides
  • Biological seed treatments

Rigorous field testing ensures that every claim we make about our products is supported with verified evidence. AlphaBio meets all regulatory and registration standards, so that farmers and growers can have trust in our products to protect their crops from seed to harvest.

Expect further announcements soon about our new products.