The Market and Technical Development team with Marta Ruiz, General Manager

Robust and trailblazing science….

With a progressive research and development platform, AlphaBio has a pipeline of forward-looking products with safeguarding our biodiversity a key prerequisite in our thinking.

Every innovation from AlphaBio is driven by a mission to deliver highly efficient biocontrol tools that look after our precious natural environment.

…..Backed by a wealth of technical experience

One of the stand-out aspects of partnering with AlphaBio is the huge importance that we place on the technical support of our partners and their customers when it comes to using our products. 

AlphaBio has a dynamic Market and Technical Development Team, led by Alberto Boebel, dedicated to work with partners, distributors, farmers and growers, monitoring field trials and ensuring that our products are used in the best possible way to maximise their efficacy and minimise their environmental impact.

Based in Italy and Spain, the team works across Europe and further afield to support the development of the market for AlphaBio products.

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