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All Change at AlphaBio Control? No, but we do have lots of News

The year 2023 was a time of change for many people and with the new year of 2024 now well underway, we have been reflecting here at AlphaBio Control, on was has happened and will be happening over the next twelve months.

For many, the shadow of war and climate change has meant that the increases in food inflation have remained stubbornly high, despite the fall in overall inflation figures. With the population reaching 8 billion in November 2022, a further 80 million people have joined its ranks; another country almost the size of Germany needed feeding by the end of 2023.

The solution is, of course, to produce more food and reduce food wastage, but critically, we have to achieve increases in food production in a way that does not increase the environmental footprint of agriculture; indeed keeping food productivity high whilst reducing its environmental and carbon impact is critical.

This is where a company like AlphaBio Control comes to the fore; our vision is to find alternatives to current pesticides use by researching and developing products from natural sources and integrating them into current pest management programmes. Every time we replace one conventional product with a biopesticide, we can help farmers and society move closer to a more sustainable future.

This is a very exciting time for AlphaBio, and I am delighted to take on this new position to help lead the company to the next level

Marta Ruiz, General Manager

We spoke to Marta Ruiz, General Manager at AlphaBio and asked her what the big events were for the company in 2023:

  • I took over as the new General Manager at the end of 2023 whilst co-founders Iain Fleming and Alfeo Vecchi moved on. As the previous head of the Market & Technical Development Team at AlphaBio, I already had that near-market experience that is so important in the role. It will be challenging in the current plant protection industry situation, but this is a very exciting time for AlphaBio, and I am delighted to take on this new position to help lead the company to the next level .
  • AlphaBio became a fully integrated member of the De Sangosse group of companies.
  • Our first product to the market, the award-winning bioinsecticide, FLiPPER® derived from olive oil, received a number of new registrations in Europe and in countries in Africa such as Morocco, with continuing interest in Latin America, Australia and New Zealand.
  • FLiPPER continues to obtain new certifications and re-certifications for use in organic and conventional farming.
  • Our bioherbicide, MiSSiTO, based on pelargonic acid from sunflower oil, received further registrations for use in Italy.
  • Our new biofungicide, codenamed ABP590, was submitted for registration in the southern zone of the European Union

And for 2024?

We are confident of bringing more good news this coming year, so please keep an eye on our LinkedIn, Twitter/X and Instagram accounts and on the news section of the website, but whatever happens, all of us at TeamAlphaBio wish you an exceptional and enjoyable 2024, whatever you are doing.