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Spotlight on…. Nicolás Giménez Soto

Spotlight on…. Nicolás Giménez Soto

Summer has finally arrived and time to put the spotlight on one of our newest members of #TeamAlphaBio, each time exploring their position in the company, their motivation and a quick peep into their lives outside working hours. All in four questions!

This time we talk to one of the newest members of #TeamAlphaBio , Nicolás Giménez Soto, or, as he is known everywhere, Nico…

Q1 How would you introduce yourself?

Hola, my name is Nico and I’m the Technical and Market Development Specialist at AlphaBio Control. 

I was born and grew up in Cartagena on the Mediterranean coast of Spain, and studied Agri-Food and Biological Systems at the Polytechnic University there. I am currently finishing two Masters degrees in Agronomy, and Plant Health and Production further north at the Polytechnic University of Valencia.

My father is an agronomist for Koppert, and I was interested in engineering and the natural environment, so agriculture was an obvious link. So, in my vacations, I worked with Koppert and Bayer in their field trials teams.

I joined AlphaBio in February 2024.

Q2 What does your role in AlphaBio entail?

As the Technical and Market Development Specialist, I have a variety of roles. Firstly, I help the Market and Technical Development Team providing technical support for field trials of the company’s products and pipeline products and trials analysis.

I also support the Regulatory Team with documentation and information retrieval.

And finally, I am really interested in social media and like to get involved with the AlphaBio platforms on Twitter/X and LinkedIn.

Q3 What do you like about working for AlphaBio?

I really appreciated the flexibility that the company offered me whilst I was finishing my studies; completing my Masters degrees fitted in really well helping with fields trials and learning about the company.

There is a great environment in the company, and all the people in the team are really helpful.

I am learning a LOT about biopesticides and how to use them in conventional agriculture to get the most out of them.

Q4 Finally, what do you like to do outside of work?

I love sport especially football; I am a massive Real Madrid fan you will often find me kicking a ball with my friends. In the Summer I will be at the beach, but I also love spending time with Sasha, my dachshund.

Nico was interviewed by Julian Little. Want to know more about Nico and the AlphaBio Team?