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The Publication of the National Food Strategy

National Food Strategy is “a step in the right direction” for the future of agriculture in the UK

AlphaBio Control, the agricultural technology company, believes that the publication of the National Food Strategy is a significant step in making UK agriculture a more sustainable forward-thinking industry that is so needed in a post-Brexit, post-single payment world. Government policy must move food and biomaterial production to a low environmental-impact, low-carbon process that increasingly accommodates biodiversity.

Iain Fleming, co-founder and MD of AlphaBio Control, which makes innovative biopesticides such as the award-winning bio-insecticide, FLiPPER® responded to today’s publication of the report:

“When it comes to the agricultural aspects of this report, it correctly identifies the challenge of producing high quality affordable food, in a way that reduces the impact on our environment, whilst getting its house in order when it comes to climate change. It is not an easy challenge but we think it is essential and something that we at AlphaBio having been working on for the last 10 years”.

“The report critically recognises that in a post-Brexit, post-single payment world, the pressure on farmers is immense, and any changes in Government policy that arise from this strategy must ensure that they get just desserts from their efforts to improve the way they steward the countryside.”

“The strategy document is a step in the right direction and I was particularly taken with the assertion that providing an abundance of healthy and sustainable food will require innovation. We agree, which is why we are investing in innovations in the area of biologically sourced, low residue products that can be used by all farmers to improve their environmental and carbon footprint”.