AlphaBio Control’s commitment to Green Technology means that Biostimulants will naturally be part of our portfolio.

Biostimulants are safe to both the environment and crop, and promote plant development in a number of demonstrated ways throughout the crop lifecycle, from seed germination to plant maturity.

By fostering complementary soil microbes and improving metabolic efficiency, root development and crop nutrition delivery, biostimulants can both increase yield and improve quality – creating demonstrable return on investment to growers.

Applied to the plant, seed, soil or other growing media biostimulants enhance the plant’s ability to assimilate nutrients, aiding development, strengthening stress tolerance and recovery and improving the efficiency of water usage.

AlphaBio Control is working on a new biological seed treatment which is currently in R&D, having already been subject to field testing.

AlphaBio Control is committed to the development of plant protection solutions from natural and sustainable sources, and is an adherent of the Triple Bottom Line reporting philosophy – the three pillars of sustainability: People, Planet and Profitability.

green technology

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