FLiPPER® is the result of two decades’ research. It is a modern, green and innovative bioinsecticide-acaricide formulation based on an active substance entirely obtained from olive oil.

How it works

FLiPPER® provides broad spectrum efficacy by contact against a number of important pests threatening global vegetable and fruit crops by fast and effectively controlling of eggs, larvae and adults.

Levels of efficacy directly comparable to conventional market standards.

FLiPPER® persistently controls a broad spectrum of sucking pests including aphids, whitefly, thrips, mites, psylla, leafhoppers and scale.

Formulated and produced in Italy FLiPPER® is now registered as Crop Protection Product in many EU countries.


Test carried out in multiple geographies in both lab and field conditions, confirm that FLiPPER® has a negligible impact on bumblebees and honeybees as well as populations of beneficial insects. It is safe for users, selective for crops, pollinators and beneficial arthropods.

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Working with Growers

FLiPPER® has an enviable environmental impact profile; it rapidly degrades on contact with the soil to nothing more than carbon, hydrogen and oxygen.

It is exempt from residue testing requirements and crops protected by FLiPPER® can be harvested immediately the crop is dry.


Your Crop

Our global network of partners understands the specific needs of growers in their region.


FLiPPER® has been Certified Organic in countries across Europe.